I’m a philosopher, but I have a pretty wide range of interests beyond philosophy and write on many different issues, such as history, science and politics. You can also read me on CSPI, where I have a blog called War on Science. I used to have a blog, which is no longer active but is still online, called Nec Pluribus Impar. You can also read me on Twitter, where I spend way too much time. I can also be reached at philippe.h.lemoine@gmail.com.

My work has been featured in mainstream publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The National Review, The Nation and New York Magazine in the US, as well as Le Figaro and Marianne in France. It has also appeared in online publications such as Quillette and UnHerd and is regularly discussed by prominent scientists and bloggers such as Scott Alexander, Tyler Cowen, Andrew Gelman and Scott Sumner.

I’m notorious — some would say infamous — for writing long and detailed articles, but I’d like to use this blog mostly for shorter pieces and use CSPI for longer articles, though occasionally I will publish a 10,000 words long piece here so don’t say that you haven’t been warned. If you don’t want to miss anything I write, you should subscribe both to this newsletter and CSPI.

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Technically a philosopher, I write about stuff.